"My IET experience with Judy allowed me to release all the garbage inside me and to leave pain free. When I arrived I was feeling pain on the right side, during the experience itself I could feel the energy entering and leaving, and at the end the uplifting emotional elated feeling left me on a high. After leaving I told everyone I know how the IET experience shifted my outlook. I also told everyone about how incredible the Biomat was. I am looking forward to learning IET and owning my own biomat.

 Thank you for calling in the angels and showing me how loved I truly am!" 

Mary , NJ

I read about the Biomat and instantly felt connected to its energy and asked Judy , how do I buy it ? She quickly got the mat to me and as soon as I got it , I started using it , and finally feel more relaxed and actually sleep at night.
Then I received an IET session with Judy and felt as if all the burdens had been taken off my shoulders and I feel lighter. I highly recommend Judy, her healing ability is awesome . 

I knew Judy was an amazing Intuitive but she also has healing hands.

Susan N. ,NY


Thank you soo much!! I have never felt so light as I did when I left. I truly feel that was the most amazing life changing experiences ever and I am so happy that I was led to your information. I really feel as if my life is finally on the right path and I keep playing over your words of wisdom and I thank you with all my being. May god bless you with as much comfort that you have assisted in my self comfort. Words can't express all the joy I have been feeling since I left you today and I really am so grateful for all that you have brought out of me.
Thank you soo much.

Love always


Just dropping you a note about your CD . It is beautiful and your voice is sooooo soothing.
I listen to it almost every night before I go to sleep. I love the messages, the explanation and the meditation itself. Thank you so much!


Judy ,

"I was very excited to have won a reading with Judith. I have been to her for readings and IET sessions before. I was amazed that the reading came at a time in my life when I needed answers! The angels have ways of getting their messages across!
The reading that I won helped me clarify many situations in my life. Judith's readings always allow the angels to answer
you with information for your higher good in life. My reading has set me on my new path and put many things into perspective.
I left feeling confident and ready to continue to grow moving forward. And...guess what!!! During our reading a feather just fell from the sky (we were sitting outside). The angels have a funny way of getting our attention! 

I just love Judith!"

Just wanted to drop this quick e-mail and thank you for your time you spent this afternoon talking to me!!!! I am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason, and I know that my angels guided me to meet you today :) My angels wanted to relay their message to me through you!
I feel so soothed and reassured after our conversation!!! Your reading has comforted me immensely. You brought so much clarity to my situation and everything you said resonated with me! Thank you again for spending so much time with me even though the appointment was only for ten minutes. Our conversation assured me so completely that I found the right person, right teacher to guide to the right path :)
I will be in touch soon to make an in person appointment.

"Judy's workshops are amazing from beginning to end! I attended Judy's 11-11-11 workshop in Beach Haven, NJ. The location, accommodations, lectures, meetings, food & people that experienced this weekend were top of the line. The memories & new friends I made will last a lifetime:)" www.beamerslight.com


I had Destiny ,my Dalmatian scheduled to be put to sleep at 3:00 PM on 08 05 10 by our vet.
I gave her a hug at bed time around 12:20 AM , I spoke to her as you said. I told her I loved her and that it was ok for her to pass and that Max and Tee were waiting for her and it would be ok. I kissed her on her nose and assured her it was ok to pass and kissed her again and told her I loved her for 15 years.

At 12:40 AM she had passed away in her sleep, just as you said she would with in 3 weeks. She was 14 years 9 months and 16 days old. It was the best time of my life , as I learned from her and she from me. God has closed one door with Destiny and opened another door with my new puppy ,Sapphire. She was guided to me by Titania and Maxwell, my past Dalmatian's

I said a prayer to God thanking him,for taking her in her sleep. It happen just as you said it would 2 weeks to the day.She went in her sleep.

Judith you are amazing and I want to thank God for sending me to you and thank you for letting me bring Destiny to your home. I want to thank you for all your support and all you have done.

I will never for get your words from her reading:

You reassured me ,
Destiny has a soul and a big heart ,and loves me so much.
I will never forget that as long as I live. You are always in my prayers.

Your friend,

Stephen Megna , Union , NJ.
Hello Judy!

I just wanted to extend my deepest gratitude to you for my angel reading! What an amazing experience it has been for me, and I thank you for opening me up to the angel world! Since the reading, I have felt light, energetic, and have found an inner faith that has been missing for a long time! There have been some wonderful new opportunities that have opened up in my life recently, and I firmly believe the angels are working to give me the happiness and peace of mind I have been longing for! Because of you, my life is going in a positive, an an exciting new direction! Thank you, thank you for your contribution in making this happen! I look forward to our next reading together!

Best Regards! Stacy NJ 


Yesterday's meditation in Montclair was fantastic. I don't think I have ever felt all the stress leave my body before. This was also the first time I noticed there were others in the group who had spiritual input as well. I really enjoyed it. 

 Thank you so much!  
Hi Judy! 

I just wanted to thank you again for the class last night. I experienced a HUGE positive shift today in a few different areas of my life. Your class had a great impact. :) 

I hope you had a great day also!


I wanted to thank you again for my FREE reading last week! You are a brilliant light...so very loving, helpful and reassuring. Just the fact that you were willing to offer one more reading (when I was soooo late in asking) made me feel supported. Do you ever find it hard to say "no" when you are in the business of caring and support? It must be a challenge sometimes to put your self first, even though it is all important. 

 So I have put my heavy work thoughts aside and instead I'm relaxing this week (and the next and the next) and enjoying time with my boys. We went to see the Madagascar movie together, the next day we went window shopping, and the next day we went bowling. There was still time to "work" in the evening. After I had signed my book contract for Nothing Short of Joy, I was getting all uptight about promotion and marketing and forgetting that the "uptight" energy is contradictory to love/angels/joy. My book is about JOY for heaven's sake! I want to live what I have come to understand, especially in light of work. What good is abundance if I have to grit my teeth to get there...

Stop and just receive. Amen to that angel!

Thanks again Judith... You are FA-BU-LOUS! 

Love Julie 
Hi Judy,

Before class tonight, my son was very depressed and heavy. When he met his angel he became giddy, almost light-headed, punch-drunk.
When we returned home in darkness, I grabbed a plate of dog food which I thought was my dinner. He laughed and said, "oh, it's only dog food Mom that you're eating", and we laughed!
What a powerful influence she is for my family which is so guilt-ridden and uptight!!! Tonight a major shift occurred because of this class ,Healing with the Angels and I am so grateful!  

OMGoodness, thank the Lord we called you!!!!  

I had told him that it rarely happens that people stay earth bound and that most people know to go to the light. Thank you so much! You really are wonderful and Adrian was over the moon at how great you were and his worry and stress levels have all but disappeared and is very grateful to have gotten the answers they needed.
  Bless you for helping him, I am so glad she made it!!!  

T, Calgary , Canada 
Hi Judy, 

I don't have a question at the moment, but wanted to take the time to say that I think you are amazing and that I appreciate you and what you are doing in the world and how you touch people's lives. 

After attending Judy's IET workshop (I had a short time on the BIOMAT, learned about the angels and meditated my cares away), I returned home to a flurry of drama. I had two crying children and a yelling husband. Instead of getting caught up in it all, I gave my husband a hug and brought my daughters upstairs to bed. I calmed them by asking them to breath out all the sadness that they were feeling and to call on angel Raphael to bring them love and light. I used the techniques that Judy had taught us that evening and everyone went to bed happy. The coolest thing is that I am teaching my children how to use the angels for guidance when they need it. Thank you, Judy, for the amazing tools for healing and dealing with everyday life. I highly recommend an IET session with Judy. I know I am looking forward to booking mine!  


 The Meditation class was great . I just love your CD's and feel so balanced today after the class.  
We all seem to to push too hard and we need to take the time to take care of ourselves so we can help others. Thank you for this amazing class and CD.

With Warm Regards, Annie
I am writing to thank you for the reading and the IET session. During our session I could feel my body feeling lighter and emotional at times. Your angelic messages gave me the information I needed to clearly understand the past life patterns which I have carried into my present life that are not serving my highest good. I found myself feeling unstuck immediately and it then took me a couple of days to process all the information and then let it go. I was very emotional for 24 hours and then I felt this incredible euphoria and happiness in my heart and soul. I have not felt this wonderful in years. I now find myself moving my body and singing along with the radio and smiling. I am now able to move forward in my life with a deep knowing that I love who I am and I am FABULOUS! You have been a blessing in my life and I am truly grateful. This was the best gift I could have given myself and an incredible new beginning for 2011.

 With love, light and laughter,


I am writing to thank you SO much for your incredible generosity and compassion. I was in a very dark place last week and thanks to you and the Angels, I have hope that the future will not be as bleak as it seemed. I had no appointment that day. You not only invited me up, but then spent 2 hours with me. If only everyone with gifts such as yours were as giving - the world would be a much better place! I have met my share of Yoginis and "light workers" who turned out to be more concerned about payment than about helping others. I'm so thankful you are not one of them. I only hope I can give back even a portion of what you gave me that day. Many, many blessings to you, Judy!!! 

 Thanks, again! Darlene ;) 

I have always been a firm believer that there is something greater than us humans in our existence, however I, like most people, have gone through many trials and tribulations that knocked me down to the depths of fear and uncertainty. My saving grace to pull me from these pits has been Judy. My first experience with her was a session of IET and it completely transformed my life for the better. Everyone around me began to see the difference in me, but the greatest reward was feeling that difference within myself. I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders. I had newfound confidence, pride, joy, motivation, and resilience in which I’ve never known within myself. 

I cannot thank Judy or the angels enough for helping me find and hold onto the light inside me. 

xoxo, Holly NJ 
Hi Judy I want to thank you again for meeting with me yesterday. I feel totally different and so positive and light.
I wanted I follow up with you. Yesterday you kept asking if I have a brother and turns out my mother had an abortion and that must be the son she always wanted. She told me that she holds a tremendous amount of guilt all these years. I feel so bad I didn't get to communicated with him so I will definitely be coming back.
I also think I have convinced my mom to come see you especially after her brother came through.
You are an amazing soul and I can't thank you enough. This is just what my family needed to move forward.