Judy Toma is an Angel Therapist® and Medium certified by world renowned angel authority Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. Judy's life purpose is to bring joy, and her goal is to help people connect with the angels, deceased loved ones, and their own power within. She serves as a channel to celestial beings and the divine realms to provide messages and healing to her clients, bringing their lives greater peace, love, and understanding. (See Testimonials)

Judy has been channeling Angels for many years and was able to see spirits even as a child. She has had many amazing experiences throughout her life. Judy had been a soloist at a Catholic Church since she was 16 years old and while singing at a funeral in the 2003 , she was overcome by grief and an Angel came inside her and breathed through her and sang through her. It was quite clear , there was something besides God in that church. Her journey began even if it was not clear.

Judy started out as a soloist for weddings and funerals ,also an actress , singer , model for most of her life . but the angels kept nudging her to make the shift . Judy listened to those nudges and fell upon a deck of Doreen Virtue's ,oracle cards, "Healing With the Angels" , she was then guided to become an Angel Therapy Practitioner® and was actively working with the Angels ever since. Judy has been teaching , doing readings , mediumship , healing's and empowering others to be their best for over 10 years . She has found such joy in seeing her clients move forward and towards their dreams. Judy has found through her entertainment background , her guided meditations were very powerful and visual , even for those who have never meditated before and they were now able to do so easily. Her life experience and talents have grown from a unique journey that has also included work as a singer, actress in film/commercials/musical comedies, guest host on QVC, image consultant, interior decorator, model, personal shopper, and flight attendant.  

Judy spreads light , love and beauty to those she teaches , while uplifting them with her very funny sense of humor and electricity.  

Judy will be collaborating with the famous fusion artist, Rassouli in creating her own deck of oracle cards and soon to be released song , "There Must Be Angels". Judy also has produced many Guided Archangel Meditation CD's and Guided Guardian Angel CD and will be Collaborating with Karen Soronow, a very gifted harpist in a "Healing of your inner child" CD. 

Judy's life purpose has always been one of service, to bring joy to every person who hears her voice and her goal is to help people to connect with their Angels so that they know they are never alone. Judy has made it her mission to empower every person to be their very best . When you see the muck in front of you , that which is holding back , when you feel stuck .....

About Judy Toma