Angel Readings
(30 & 60 min in person, phone or Skype sessions available) 

An Angel Reading is an intuitive reading consisting of loving messages from your Guardian Angels, spirit guides and the Archangels. Their messages are about how to improve your life, health and relationships. They offer guidance,support and direction to assist you on your path, giving advice or healing to bring you peace and joy. 

Mediumship Readings 
(30 & 60 min in person, phone or Skype sessions available) 

Judy helps people connect with their deceased loved ones, and their own power within. Most people want to know , is their loved safe and happy , do they have a message for me? With a Mediumship reading ,Judy puts their minds at ease and shares the messages she receives from them. 

Cord Cutting 

Negative etheric cords are energetic attachments that are frequently and commonly formed into us by other people; they can also attach us to addictive material objects like food, drugs and alcohol. Etheric cords can actually cause physical and emotional symptoms, and hinder a person’s well-being and development. 

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is a manner in which through hypnosis we are able to access memories of past lives. The body is merely a vessel and our spirit is wiser than any computer . It records all of the lives, acquaintances, and lessons of our present life as well as lives we once lived. Through hypnosis and a guided journey , 

Space Clearing and a House Blessing

Many times there are energies that get locked into homes, brought in by others or a spirit that has never left. 
This energy may bring unhappiness and stress within the home that has nothing to do with you. I find when
you invite the Angels to stay permanently, your life begins to open up in ways that never seemed possible before.

​Classes and Workshops

For more information regarding any event, or if you are interested in a course or workshop not listed below, 
please call or email with your requests. She will make every effort to accommodate you!

  •   “Connecting With Your Guardian Angel”Workshop & Angel Meditation with Judy Toma
  •   “The 9 Healing Angels of The Energy Field”with Judy Toma
  •   “Develop Your Psychic Abilities” with Judy Toma
  •   “Practitioner Certification Course” Integrated Energy Therapy
  •   “ Meet Your Guardian Angel” with Judy Toma
​Your Angels have been trying to get your attention for so long and I would love to help you connect with them . You see, the Angels see your entire life , from beginning to end and know which path is best. Of course we all have free will but the Angels will nudge ,as they have nudged me . If you are looking for guidance , looking for your true path and purpose or if you want to connect to your deceased loved ones , this is a safe place to be . The angels have every answer that you are seeking and I am here to help you discover all that you desire.
Call me, email me, Skype or FB , either way, your Angels and I are waiting to connect. 
Your Angels have the answers you have been seeking and I am here to help .​

One on One Personal Guided Meditation (group or private)

A guided meditation is a wonderful way of reconnecting to your inner self and finding peace. Judy uses beautiful music & guides you on a journey of relaxation and discovery.
Judy will guide you with the help of the angels to remove your blocks and incorporate your true desires within your personal meditation.

Monthly Meditation Circle
Please check out Event Page for our Monthly Meditation Circle Events

Its not always easy to live stress free in this human world but with the assistance of the angels , its much easier .
During this monthly Meditation Circle , Judy will give a brief Angel reading for each participant and will give you insight into each Archangel. You will get to know their purpose and how to tap into them. Judy will guide you on a journey to meet this Angel that will bring understanding and and healing . There will be a time for you to share your feelings and any revelations that occurred during your journey . So make a commitment to yourself and your healing , take this time once a month and meet like minded people and discover peace and and your own inner guidance. Come with an open heart and await the goodness .

Meet Your Guardian Angel & Find Forgiveness
Guided Meditation CD or Digital Download

Archangel Jophiel & The 3 Chambers of Healing
Guided Meditation CD or Digital Download
IET (Integrated Energy Therapy®) 

IET sessions available in person or Long Distance. Long Distance is just as powerful as in person 
IET supports you in safely and gently releasing limiting energy patterns of your past, empowering and balancing your life in the present, and helps you to reach for the stars as you evolve into your future. 

Learn IET 

​Intro to IET
Basic IET
Intermediate IET
Advanced IET

Click Here for Full IET Class Descriptions

Interested In Having a Class?
Call 949-Angel-12 949-264-3512

I know that the Angels are more powerful than I could have ever imagined and doing Angel Readings , Past Life Regression and cutting cords seemed the norm for me and my Angels. Then I discovered Integrated Energy Therapy®, I was amazed at the love and compassion from the Angels and the ability to cut through the pain that we all hold onto. And on top of that , the Angels brought in Angelic Love to heal our wounds.  
In an IET® session , I sit with you and we decipher what it is that is stopping you from your highest potential , we bring that into the session and ask the Angels to guide me to help you release all that I am intuitively receiving , including past lives . I have extended IET and I include body talk , talking to those who have hurt you and sometimes talking to your inner child and cutting the cords . With the guidance of the Angels, a new affirmation is given to you and your sub-conscious body , mind , spirit receives it . The result is lighter , and filled with confidence to move to your highest potential .

 I simply love this modality and have been teaching IET® since I learned it . To see each student use their own intuitive ability and see the excitement in their eyes when they actually feel the energy being removed from their client, just makes me proud . 
If you feel there is an energy in your hands or you have a desire to help others , maybe Integrated Energy Therapy® is a modality you need to learn , I am here and will set up a class for you and others . I am a Master instructor and I would love to help you .

Angel Parties 

You will learn about the angels , share and grow in fun and receive a private Angel reading with Judith. Angels will 
share private messages to you and your guests!

Oracle Card Parties 

Oracle Card Parties are gatherings where 6-8 participants learn to use angel oracle cards to perform readOracle Card Parties are gatherings where 6-8 participants learn to use angel oracle cards to perform readings for themselves and others.ngs for themselves and others.

Motivational Speaking Engagements

Judy is available for motivational speaking engagements. If interested, please contact Judith directly.

Do you desire peace ? Do desire clarity ? Meditation gives you that silence , that openness that allows you to hear what your heart is saying , what God is saying .
Its not easy living stress free in this human world but when you allow yourself to be guided on a journey , wonderful and surprising revelations become clear. And connecting with your Angels in a safe and loving energy brings you to a peace that never seemed attainable before. It is one of my passions to connect with the Angels and to take others on a journey so they too can connect with their Angels . Join me in my guided meditations , either with a group class, a one on one or through my Meditation CD's . I am waiting to help .

Wouldn't it be fun to invite all your friends into your own home and invite the Angels too?
Thats what it will be like when you have an Angel Party and everyone gets a private Angel Reading , learn about the Angels , a group meditation and so much more . And the Hostess receives a free Angel Reading , how cool is that ?  
Oracle card parties are just as fun but you learn to use your own intuitive abilities(I believe we are all intuitive) and you will be doing readings for yourself and others . 
  So think about it , set up a time thats convenient for you and just enjoy and learn .

We all want to feel good about who we are but society , religion , family sometimes gets in the way of who we want to be. I have not always felt powerful and strong, myself and I suppose thats why it is one of my passions , to help empower each person to be all that they can be . I find the safety of the Angels makes it so easy for others to believe their worth , so I work with the Angels and direct you in a way that will bring you your highest joy! 
This can be done in a group session or one on one .
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Call 949-Angel-12 That's  949-264-3512

Feeling tired , stressed out ? The BioMat will give you a new sense of you again. 
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